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The threats to the security of your electronic information are varied from computer hackers to disgruntled employees to simple carelessness.  While protecting computer systems is an important aspect of information security, it is only part of a complex process that any organisation has to follow, but not necessarily have the knowledge or the resources available.

TIM is managed by John Portelli who holds a Master of Business Administration from Henley Management College (UK) and has been working in the field of Information Technology and Management for over 30 year.  Over these years, he has participated at conferences of world leading vendors, such as McAfee, RSA Security, Microsoft, BMC, SonicWall, Blue Coat and more.

TIM was setup in 1998 and since has been delivering to major Maltese clients the highest level of service, delivered with consistency, professionalism and enthusiasm. The company continues to grow through a dedicated and qualified team, offering specialist expertise linked to broad-based knowledge of IT security issues.

TIM has also acquired extensive experience in Service Desk Management with several large scale deployments at key customers using SDE (Magic Service Desk) from BMC.

TIM works with world-leading I.T. security vendors to provide clients with state-of-the-art best-of-breed security solutions, backed with consultancy, training, and support.

Our solutions:

Our partners:

*           Access Management Systems and Controls

*           Accountability and Confidentiality

*           Anti-Virus and Hostile Code

*           Authentication and Identification

*           Biometrics

*          Content Filtering,

* Management and Monitoring

*           Data Integrity

*           Defined Security Standards

*           Intrusion Detection Systems

*           Perimeter Security

*           Policies and Policy Enforcement

*           Public Key Infrastructure

*           Service Management Applications

*           Single Sign On

*           Smart Cards

*           Transactional Security

*           Virtual Private Networks

*           Vulnerability Management

*           Wireless Security Standards

*            Identity Management









Tim Ltd is a valuable resource to any organization seeking to secure its valuable resources.  

We will be very happy to share our knowledge with you.