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At Technology In Management Ltd. (TIM), we believe that trust is a critical requirement for all Internet businesses to succeed in the new economy. Hence, there is a compelling need for e-businesses to ensure that their informational assets and online transactions are properly secured. As a leading IT security specialist, TIM understands your info-security needs and helps your business protect your on-line transactions so that your electronic vulnerabilities, security breaches, system downtime and recovery costs are minimised.

Technology In Management Limited (TIM) was setup in January 1998 with the objective of specializing in Information Technology Security consultancy to the corporate client.  Since then, TIM has expanded its expertise and consolidated its market position, offering a comprehensive range of IT security solutions, training, support and consultancy services both locally and around Europe. TIM is also a market leader in offering Service Desk consultancy services and solutions.


TIM is a leading organisation in Malta dedicated to offering a Total Security Solution with the collaboration of Worldwide leading vendors and supports an extensive network of resellers.


Our goal is to provide the critical assurance to your users and to secure their transactions and informational assets. The security of your enterprise's informational assets is a serious affair and that is why we treat it with utmost seriousness. TIM is a focused Internet e-security specialist that monitors the latest trends in the industry and adopts the best practices to help e-businesses protect their online transactions. TIM provides the world's leading info-security solutions that address issues such as user information, authentication / identification, non-repudiation of origin, accountability, data integrity, confidentiality, transactional security, access controls, perimeter security, intrusion defection and policy enforcement.

We strive to deliver the very best and latest technologies and knowledge to secure your electronic assets

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34/1, Gulju Cauchi Street,

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